Iceland Accommodation

For your convenience, we have assembled in one place all the necessary information on accommodation in Iceland. You can order conveniently and quickly all your accommodation arrangements in Iceland, whether you prefer to stay in hotels or hostels. All options are available for you here.

All of our tours include high quality accommodation! – Accommodation levels are divided into three categories: budget, comfort and quality. Great variety of suppliers who work with us all over Iceland allow us to find for you the best accommodation available in each category.

Quality Rooms

Rooms with private bathroom (shower and/or bathtub and toilet). This category includes the best hotels available in each area. All hotels provide breakfast which is included in the price.

  • Private facilities.
  • Comfort hotels, quality guesthouses and farmhouse accommodation.
  • 4 star hotel in Reykjavik.

Example of Quality hotels:

Isafjordurhotels Hotel
Hótel Ísafjörður / Torg - Quality
Address: Silfurtorgi 2, 400 Ísafjörður
Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel - Quality
Address: SIGTÚN 38, 105 REYKJAVÍK
Grand Hotel
Hamar Hotel - Quality
Address: 310 Borgarnes
Grand Hotel
Akureyri Hotel - Quality
Address: Icelandair Hotel Akureyri, Thingvallastraeti 23, 600 Akureyri

Comfort Rooms

Rooms with private bathroom (shower and toilet). This category includes hotels, guest houses and farms with high tourist class. Breakfast is included.

  • Private facilities.
  • Standard hotels, guesthouses and farmhouse accommodation.
  • 3 star hotel in Reykjavik.

Example of Comfort hotels:

reykjavik lights
Address: Sudurlandsbraut 12 108 Reykjavik
Fosshotel Reykholt
Fosshotel Reykholt- Comfort
Address: 320 Reykholt
fosshotel westfjords
Fosshotel Westfjords - Comfort
Address: Aðalstræti 100, 450 Patreksfjörður
Hotel Laugarbakki
Hotel Laugarbakki - Comfort
Address: 531 Hvammstangi, Iceland

Budget Rooms

Rooms with shared bathroom, which are often in the corridor or on the same floor. This category includes hotels, guest houses and farmhouses. In some rooms there is a sink in the room. Breakfast is included. Outside Reykjavik, in more remote areas, most of the places in this category offer dinner for an additional fee.

  • Shared facilities.
  • Budget hotels, guesthouses and farmhouse accommodation

Example of Budget hotels:

Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast
Borgarnes Bed & Breakfast - Budget
Address: Skúlagata 21, 310 Borgarnes - Iceland
Hotel Edda in Saelingsdalur
Hotel Edda in Saelingsdalur - Budget
Address: Laugar in Saelingsdalur, 371 Búðardalur
Hotel Breidavik - Comfort
Address: Breiðavík / Látrabjarg - 451 Patreksfjörður

Hotels in Iceland

Like most tourist services in Iceland, hotels are also known for their high standards and efficient staff. Throughout Iceland, you will find clean and comfortable hotels that will provide you exactly what you are looking for after a day of sightseeing. Hotels in Iceland are divided into two main categories: private hotels and hotel networks like Foss Hotels, Icelandair Hotels and Kea Hotels.

All the hotels are in very good standard. Edda summer hotel chain has hotels all over Iceland, some of them are student dorms during the winter and in summer, when the tourist season begins, are back to functioning as the hotel rooms.

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Hotels in Reykjavik

In the city of Reykjavik, Iceland's capital and the main city, you will find a number of luxury hotels designed to serve mainly executives, most of them located near major shopping centers. The main part of Reykjavik hotels are located in quiet areas, and offer friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere. Outside Reykjavik, throughout Iceland you will find mostly small, comfortable hotels, usually located on the roadsides.

Farm houses and Farmers Guesthouses

Farm stay is certainly an unusual experience and interesting for many. Icelandic farm stay is an opportunity to get to know the Icelandic authentic lifestyle and interact with locals. Often you will hear interesting stories from the farm owners about their family history and if you wish, you can order the day before Icelandic dinner and get to know Iceland through the traditional cooking as well.

Summer houses (Sumarbústaðir)

When traveling on the roads of Iceland, you will probably notice many small wooden houses scattered along the beautiful and colorful scenery. In most cases those are summer houses that both Icelanders and tourists hire for a weekend or a whole week to get away a bit from the bustle of the city (as it may sound strange when it comes to Icelanders, it is true). Cabins are equipped with a kitchenette, a bathroom and some have luxurious Jacuzzi in the yard.


In Iceland, there are about 70 campsites. You will find them in almost every town and close to most major tourist attractions. Campsites are open from the beginning of June to mid- September. Placing a tent costs a little relatively to the other lodging options. In most campgrounds there are toilets, showers, and even a barbecue equipment.

If there is no toilet, it is always possible to enter the local swimming pool (exists in almost every village) and have a good shower for a price of 600 kronas (Five Euros). Those interested in real Icelandic adventure can also combine camping in tents with hitchhiking.

Price for camping in national parks is $ 8 for adults, 50% discount for pensioners and free for children under 16. The price is a bit lower in the other campsites.

Remember! In Iceland it is forbidden to camp outside the designated areas.

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