Most Common Questions About Iceland

Planning a trip in Iceland? Here are some questions asked by many travelers. A team of experts from Another Iceland will try to answer some of these questions in a simple and accurate way.

Seven basic questions asked by many people planning a trip in Iceland:

  1. Is it possible to visit Iceland only during the summer?
  2. Do I have to rent an off-road vehicle to travel in Iceland?
  3. Is it true that everything is very expensive?
  4. What about the dangerous animals in Iceland?
  5. How is the food in Iceland?
  6. Is it dangerous to drive in Iceland?
  7. Is the tap water safe to drink in Iceland?

Let us try to answer these questions:

When is the best time to visit Iceland?

This is a question we are asked a lot and the answer to it is not so simple. Surely, there are many different options for a trip in Iceland during the summer, but if you can only travel during other months, do not hesitate to visit and enjoy the special atmosphere during other seasons of the year. Most hotels are open all the time and trips are available throughout the year, all it takes is simply to adapt to the circumstances and try to live like a real Icelander.

Do I have to rent an off-road vehicle to travel in Iceland?

In case you only want to travel around Iceland and to see the most famous places along the Ring Road (Route 1), there is no need for an off-road vehicle or a jeep – the roads in Iceland are excellent. On the other hand, if you are planning to visit the mountain area in the Central Iceland or to go off-road down the dirt paths, which are throughout Iceland, it is definitely recommended to rent a 4X4 vehicle.

Is it true that everything is very expensive?

A few years ago, Iceland was considered one of the world's most expensive countries. Today the situation has changed. Since the economic crisis has struck the island in 2008, prices dropped sharply in Iceland and now are similar to those of other Western European countries and even less. Like during any other trip, it is important to remember that pre- planning, booking rooms at the hotels in advance, being careful with a car from the rent and early route planning can save a lot of money! Icelandic tourism is not based on mass tourism with the discount campaigns and special prices.

Even for the families, the situation is not bad at all. The nature is free, at most of the museums children pay a reduced price (half price) or do not pay at all. For buses children also pay half price, sometimes not at all (for example, on the Flybus from the airport to Reykjavik). If the family is staying at HI hostels – for child only half price will be paid. Children under the age of four do not pay at all. Ferry is free for children up to the age of 12.

What about the dangerous animals in Iceland?

No, there are no beasts in Iceland, you can enjoy without worrying. The worst you can think of are the several species of birds like the arctic tern, which do not like people wandering around their eggs ;-)

How is the food in Iceland?

Well, it is true that there no longer is McDonald's in Iceland (but there is a local alternative net called Metro which is also OK), but I can assure you that Icelandic food is varied and of the highest quality. If you want, you can taste some unique Icelandic food such as the famous yogurt "Skyr". If you will not like it, you can easily find many regular products you are used to at home in the supermarket. If you are into healthy food, Iceland has many shops where you can buy such things, as well as some restaurants in the capital city - Reykjavik.

Is it dangerous to drive in Iceland?

The roads are not difficult to drive on, but sometimes because of the weather conditions, the driving can be challenging. Be very careful, although Iceland's roads are excellent they cannot be compared to the highways in Germany and are much narrower. It is important to pay attention to the safety instructions on the road signs and always to consider the weather, even in summer.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Iceland?

Iceland has probably the best water in the world. You can drink the tap water everywhere, in the houses, at the hotels and so on. Even if you see a river, usually you can drink directly from it. However, you should not drink water from the glaciers. Iceland for a traveler is a fascinating and friendly country. For the questions and further information, please contact us at any time. We are good listeners.