Car Rental in Iceland

It is important to book a car in advance. The tourism season in Iceland is short; you may want to book a car some time in advance to reserve exactly the right vehicle for you at the best price.

Driving Rules

Driving in Iceland is on the right side of the road and the lights should be on all the time. Most of the roads are two-way and winding so maintaining alertness and safe driving will return you home safely.

Negligent driving of tourists causes most road accidents in Iceland. Beware of sheep! The sheep are grazing along the way, sometimes one of them suddenly pops-up the road, it is better to slow down when you see sheep from the distance. Of course, you must fasten the seatbelts during driving. It is important to pay attention to road signs in Iceland, they will help you deal with the challenging conditions on the road, that in most of the world drivers usually are not used to. For example, the sign "Malbik Endar", which means that the paved road ended and you are now going through a dirt road - the driver should slow down to keep the vehicle under control.

If you are planning to cross rivers or to pass through the roads in the mountainous center of the island, you should drive with caution and stick to the track. There have already been cases of drivers who got lost and fell over a cliff. According to Icelandic law, it is forbidden to drive on the roads that are not designed for cars. Most mountain roads are closed until the beginning of June, or even longer because of wet and muddy conditions, which make them totally impassable.

During a visit to Iceland it is recommended to have a credit card at all times, as this is the fastest way and most acceptable to pay for everything, even the cheapest thing. In Iceland there are gas stations, which are unmanned, so the credit card will be the only way you can fill the gas tank. Make sure you refuel your car whenever it is possible and remember there could be a large distance between the stations along the way.

Winter Driving Tips

In winter especially, it is very important to plan your route in case of bad weather and snowstorms. It means that it is recommended to have food and water with you and to find out before, where the nearest place of accommodation is. However, for most of the summer tourist season Iceland's climate is mild, pleasant and comfortable for driving.

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