East Iceland is one of the places in the world where a person feels small in comparison to the surrounding nature. Everything here looks large-scale, glaciers, mountains and the considerable volcanic activity in the region.

East Iceland

The rugged beauty and unique combination of colors, capably convince even the most skeptical, that God has good taste. In the 18th century, herds of reindeer were brought to East Iceland and the first herds found it hard to adapt and did not survive the Icelandic winter. In 1845, an additional herd was brought to the region, and they not only survived but thrived. Apparently, there are approximately 3000 reindeer currently living in East Iceland. Reindeer meat is considered a delicacy in Iceland and hunting with permits is popular.

If you love walking, East Iceland is an excellent choice and is blessed with numerous hiking trails from the fertile valleys to the eastern fjords. Maps can be found at visitor centers and hiring an experienced guide is also a great option.

Trip options are numerous and vary from jeep tours, snowmobile ride on a glacier or hiking along the fjords and visiting picturesque fishing villages. A visit to Egilsstadir, the main city in East Iceland, is also a must .

East Iceland Map