Close to the capital, but still far enough away from the crowded hustle and bustle; West Iceland is a world where culture, nature and history complement each other and combine to create a unique and opulent experience. Most of Iceland's history actually originated in this area and saga enthusiasts will have much to see here. The short distances between the capital, Reykjavik, and popular destinations in the region allow travelers to enjoy a variety of tour options with the advantage and convenience of proximity to the city.

West of Iceland

West Iceland is home to some of the most important figures in the history of Iceland. Most of the saga literature was written in this region and Iceland's most renowned writer, Snorri Sturluson, was born here in Reykholt. The famous Viking Erik Thorvaldsson otherwise known as Erik the Red, who discovered the Americas in the year 1000 lived in the town of Eiriksstadir. The magnificent Glymur waterfall is also located in West Iceland and, falling from a height of 196 meters, is the highest in all Iceland.

Visitors to West Island will also enjoy a visit to the impressive Snæfellsjökull National Park, picturesque towns and unique places of nature. Short distances between popular destinations allow you to enjoy the region at your own pace, all year round.

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