Ammassalik is an island on the east coast of Greenland. Visiting Ammassalik starts with a 2 hours flight from Reykjavik Airport to Kulusuk.

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Reykjavik time zone is +2 hours from Kulusuk local time, so basically you taking off and landing the same time.

Kulusuk is an island with population of just 200 inhabitants, but the international airport located there, set it as the gateway to East Greenland.

You will make the way from Kulusuk to Ammassalik by helicopter. This flight is around 10 minutes but the spectacular views of the landscape down beneath will stay with you for life. While flying in the helicopter, you will be watching down beneath the floating icebergs scattered all over the sea between the islands. Together with the fjords and mountains it creates an amazing sight of shapes and colors.

Ammassalik Island located south from the Arctic Circle, The summer days are bright and long and in the winter the Northern lights decorate the night sky.

Tasiilaq is the biggest settlement in East Greenland and it’s located in Ammassalik Island. Tasiilaq has population of 2000 habitats.

Tasiilaq placed in a beautiful fjord surrounded by mountains. Two rivers dividing the fjord and flowing nearby the town in what is known as the Valley of flowers. An ideal place for the hiking and exploring the arctic flora.

Apart from Tasiilaq, there are other small villages surrounding Ammassalik inhabited by Inuit hunters. Those tiny settlements are real example of humans living on the edge of the world.

Like other parts of Greenland, the settlements in Ammassalik characterized with small wooden houses. Some of the houses has dog-sled tied to it. The dogs belong to families that live there for generations and still preserve the traditional Inuit lifestyle.