The Eastern fjords region Austfirðir starts out at Kollumúli just north of Héraðsflói and reaches up to Eyrarhorn east of Lónssveit. Here may be found 15 fjords, mountainous terrain with a few plateaus that generally lay in the valleys.


On the coast of the fjords, where conditions allow, you will usually find fishing villages, with the exception of Áltafjord and Lónsfjord. Previously a village or a farm inhabited almost every bay but in the first half of the 20th century, most were abandoned and their remains still stand today. The main source of income for the residents in the area was and remains fishing. Farms are located in the northern part of the fjords.

Eastern Fjords


Both the western and eastern fjords of Iceland are geologically the oldest areas and were formed 13 million years ago. The coast of the eastern fjords is wide and has a number of unique characteristics, high mountains towering to a height of 1000 meters, beautiful natural lagoons and steep cliffs. Large parts of the mountains surrounding the fjords are dormant volcanoes. The area got its shape due to the withdrawal of glaciers that many years ago during the Ice Age, covered the region.

The southern part of the fjords starts east of Vatnajökull glacier. A few small glaciers actually come right down to the fjords. The Þrándarjökull glacier, along with several other smaller glaciers are located in the mountainous region east of Vatnajökull. Hérað is an area renowned for it's rich vegetation and the Hallormsstaður Forest, is home to reindeer. Iceland's eastern region tends to be warmer than the rest of Iceland, due to the warm winds that come from the southwest; this is known as hnúkaþeyr and are usually accompanied by mist or fog.


The Eastern fjords area offers a variety of activities for travelers. Almost every community has a great swimming pool and golf courses. There are many rivers and lakes where fishing licenses can be locally issued in order to go on a fishing expedition for trout or salmon. A whale-watching cruise is highly recommended as is riding beautiful Icelandic horses, suitable for either experienced riders or those who just want to try it out. Even hiking or just driving a car around the region is a truly enjoyable experience and the eastern fjords of Iceland show off the unique and ultimate Icelandic landscape at its best .

Map of the Eastern Fjords