Borgarnes is a town located in West Iceland. It is a popular tourist attraction town with so many activities in store for the tourists visiting the place. From Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, Borgarnes is located approximately 75 kilometres away. With good roads and terrain, Borgarnes can be easily accessed with a four wheel drive especially during good weather seasons. The town has very friendly locals and frenzy of fun activities that one can be part of while on vacation in Iceland. It has a population of approximately 1800 people and as such it is a relaxed town.

When visiting at Borgarnes for holiday, one should make it part of their itinerary to visit the following places. During mornings, one can experience the magical sunrise while taking breakfast at Geirabakari Café, a popular bakery in Borgarnes. It offers a variety of pastries, tea and coffee. It is a nice place to spend your mornings and relax while at Borgarnes. The Skallagrimsgardur Public Park should also be part of the places you will visit while at the town. It is ideal for daytime picnics and a place to sit and relax and have outdoors games with family. The park is located next to the Borgarnes swimming pool. This gives one the opportunity to swim while at the same time relaxing at the park.

While at Borgarnes, one should also purpose to visit Borgarnes Museum. A very unique kind of museum where one will get the chance to learn more about Iceland history through the photograph exhibition of Icelandic children throughout a century. At the museum, one will be able to also see the ‘Oh to be a Bird’ exhibition that showcases different species of birds in Iceland and they habitats. The Settlement Centre will also give you an opportunity to experience Icelandic history in a unique way. At the centre will see exhibitions telling the Saga of the settlement of the Iceland’s most famous Viking the first poet, Egill Skallagrimsson. The exhibition takes about 30 minutes to complete the whole circuit and it has audios translated into several languages.

Other than visiting the above places, one can also chose to go hiking at the Einkinnir County Park a protected park that has very spectacular landscapes regardless of the season one is visiting. Mountain climbing can also be an activity to take part in. Hafnarfjall Mountain is where most people go for mountain climbing. It is over 4 million year old and is about 844 m in height. Taking part in this excursion would be a nice surprise out of your normal holiday routines.

Other than the places to visit, Borgarnes has many shopping complex where one can shop for souvenirs and have fun. Lastly, while in the town, remember to enjoy the delicious indigenous cuisines that the locals prepare in the many local and nice hotels and restaurants.