The town Dalvík, meaning "Gulf Valley" is located on the shores of the Aiifiordor fjord, 45 km north of Akureyri. It is a town with 2100 inhabitants, who mainly make their living from fishing, tourism and light industry.

Dalvik Church

Dalvík and Surroundings

Hrísey is a popular excursion choice for travelers who stay in Akureyri, North Iceland and the town itself is a base for several excursions. The ferry goes from Dalvík to Grimsey Island, the northernmost settlement in Iceland, which lies on the Arctic Circle. A ferry leaves Árskógarströnd, a little town located south of Dalvík, to Hrísey Island, located in the heart of the fjord.

The northern town of Husavik is renowned worldwide a global center for viewing whales, but in recent years Dalvík has also become popular for its whale watching cruises. The town of Dalvík also has a great swimming pool, a golf course, horse riding, skiing (in winter) and a variety of hiking trails that make it a popular and recommended town to visit.

A trip around Hrísey Island on a Tractor

Hrísey is a small island located 35 kilometers north of Akureyri in the Aiifiordor fjord. The island has a wide southern edge and narrower northern edge reminiscent of a teardrop. The island is 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide, 185 people live. The ferry from Árskógarströnd takes just a quarter of an hour. A visit to the island shows how a relatively small and isolated community looks after its own economy. The island has lovely hiking trails and excellent viewpoints.

Great Fish Festival

Every year, on the second Saturday of August, the "Great Fish Festival" is held. Fishing factories and those who work in the local fishing industry invite visitors from 11:00 to 17:00 to Dalvík to a complimentary "all you can eat" fish style buffet. This festival has been held for the last eight years and is a great success; over 200,000 people have attended the festival so far.

Map of Dalvík and Hrísey Island