Egilsstaðir is East Iceland's main city located 698 km from Reykjavik. The city was founded in 1947 on the banks of Lake Logurinn and a major crossroads where Route 1 and the eastern fjords roads meet.

Red houses at Egilsstadir

The Capital of East Iceland

Lake Logurinn is an extension of the icy river Lagarfljot that flows north from the Vatnajökull glacier to the Arctic Ocean. Egilsstaðir was granted city status in 1987 after Iceland's government realized the need for a municipal services center in order to develop East Iceland and attract new residents to the area. The choice proved to be a good one and Egilsstaðir grew and today boasts an airport, a hospital and a college.

The city is due to expand in the near future following the company Alcoa's decision to establish one of the world's largest aluminum plants there.

There is much to see in Egilsstaðir and the city offers a wide range of facilities for tourists including a camping area, a visitor's center, hotels, restaurants and guest houses.

What to see in the area?

  • Logurinn Lake monster.
  • Kárahnjúkar Dam.
  • Eiðar Longwave transmitter that reaches a height of 220 meters.
  • Hallormsstaðaskógur - Iceland's largest forest.
  • Hengifoss Waterfalls.
  • Öxi - the mountain road that leads from Egilsstaðir to Djúpavogur.

Map of Egilsstaðir