For the last few years, Iceland became more and more popular destination for family trips. Being one of the safest countries in the world and also known as one of the cleanest, Iceland is famous for its citizen's high priority environmental concern. The economic crisis that occurred in 2008 crushed the economy of the island, turning it from one of the world's most expensive countries, to a country, which it is possible to visit without spending a fortune.

Despite the name sounding like "frozen", Iceland offers a variety of adventure activities for all ages and for the whole family. So no wonder that this northern island has become a popular travel destination for the families.

Playing At The Beach

Children Playing At The Beach

"User-friendly" country

Many travelers come to Iceland inspired by Jules Verne's book "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". Jules Verne had chosen the entrance gate to the center of the Earth to be in Iceland and he had a good reason for that. A trip to Iceland is a journey following the process of the creation of the world and it will boost the imagination of both children and adults.

Reaching the island is not complicated; there are direct flights from most main airports of Europe. From UK, for example, the flight to Iceland is less than three hours. Most Icelanders speak English very well and as the Icelanders are the world's biggest candy eaters, it is a paradise for sweets lovers.

You will be surprised to discover that Iceland is a child-friendly country, no matter what time of the year it is. There are always activities for the families, like for example, to discover Reykjavik, the lively capital of Iceland, while walking along its picturesque streets.

Not far from the city center there is a hill named Oskjuhlid (Öskjuhlíð). An interesting museum with wax dolls describing the entry of the Vikings to the island is located there. Even for someone with no special interest in history, a visit to the museum will be an amazing experience.

An artificial geyser inside the building is erupting every few minutes and winning the applause of both children and adults. Reykjavik offers many possibilities of day trips such as whale watching cruise leaving from the city port. Cruise lasts about 6 hours and during this time it is possible to meat several types of whales such as minke whale and fin whale.

Another cruise will take you to the island of sea birds, the nesting place of the famous sea parrots - the cute puffins, who became one of the unofficial symbols of Iceland.

A must during every visit to Iceland – bathing in one of the thermal pools. This is a unique experience for the whole family. No matter what weather is outside, you will find out that the hot water is the most pleasant place to lounge around in. Heated pools are really a part of a lifestyle in Iceland and they are everywhere. Clean, tired and satisfied children willing to sleep after an exhausting day of entertainment - what could be better for parents? Moreover, these pools are large and heated all year round, they include water slides, pool games and a Jacuzzi and sauna for adults.

Great day trip is a trip to the Blue Lagoon, probably the most famous pool in Iceland and one of the best spa pools in the world. Parents can enjoy beauty treatments and massages while the children will enjoy the blue and turquoise colored water.

Waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes

Recommended to take a horse riding tour on the beautiful Icelandic horses while visiting Iceland, great experience for the adults and their small ones. Many parents are concerned that a trip, which is "only nature", will bore the little ones. Afterwards, many parents will find out that nature trip of this kind is precisely the reason why Iceland is a great destination for families. Iceland is a home to the several unique natural phenomena that attract tourists from around the world and in fact the whole island is one big nature reserve and the entrance to all sites is free!

One can find in Iceland some of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in the world, like Dettifoss Waterfall (Golden Waterfall) or waterfall Dynjandi that falls 100 meters down creating an unusual stair-step waterfall. Traveling around the ring road that surrounds the island will lead you to the most of the island's attractions, the route that is simple and complete. Volcanic cones covered with the snow and the landscape that looks like from another planet will guarantee you an experience that will stay with you for the whole life.

When is it the best time to visit and where to stay?

The best time for a vacation in Iceland is between June and August, it is the island's official high season. The days are long, very long. The sun shines for most of the day and it hardly gets dark at all. This means that besides the full tour days, you will have also long hours to see the spectacular scenery of Iceland. You should dedicate one evening to the "night" tour to see the midnight sun shining in the sky.

Accommodation in Iceland should be taken care of in advance. There are many hotels and hostels in Reykjavik, but as you will get closer to the rural areas the availability will decrease and many places will be fully booked for the summer. If you are planning a trip, it is highly recommended to book in advance rather than relying on accommodation based on vacant rooms.

In conclusion, we can say that Iceland is a perfect destination for everyone, individuals and families. That will be a trip of an unusual atmosphere to a country about which you can certainly say that it is the most unique in the world.