Iceland is becoming a popular travelers’ pick. Whilst, it is rich in gashing waterfalls cascading jagged mountain cliffs, auroras lighting the arctic sky to the icy glaciers punctuated by black sandy beaches, when it comes to food people hardly know what to expect. The Icelandic cuisine is a finesse influenced by the natural ingredient naturally available around. From steak to fresh vegetable growing in the cinematic landscape, the food is simple and natural with a tone of elegance. Due to the boom in people visiting the Iceland, chefs are becoming dramatically experimental with the cuisines. If you are planning to travel to Iceland, then be prepared for mouthwatering cuisines made utmost art and mastery.

Iceland Food

Whether you are a foodie or not, when visiting Iceland you should bear in mind that food is quite expensive. Choose wisely a place to stay and compare the variety of options at hand. Depending on where you stay, some hotels and bed and breakfast (B&B) include breakfast in the accommodation. If you are lucky to come across this arrangement, take it! If you are staying for a while, eating out all the time will dent your pocket. How about, you pick an accommodation that gives you a bonus, access to a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals and go for picnics. This will save you a whole lot.

Equipping yourself with all the necessary shopping tips is quite essential. An important tip, Bonus stores give you value for your money but the downside being, there are very few in the city and towns. Kronan and Hagkup are hubs for high quality produce but will definitely cost much more than Bonus. Village shops will cost you more than the city stores for their natural fresh produce. Price breakdowns will give you a blue print to a hacking your budget.

Grocery Prices

Fruits and Vegetables, price per kilogram

  • Onion 2$
  • Cabbage 3,2$
  • Red Pepper 5,4$
  • Long Cucumber 6,2$
  • Bananas 4,1$
  • Grapes 10,1$
  • Blueberries(125g) 6,1$
  • Pomelo 3,3$
  • Apples 4,4$
  • Kiwi 6,1$
  • Lime 6$
  • Pineapple 3,4$
  • Avocado 8,5$

Dairy Products

  • 10 pcs, eggs - 4, 9
  • Milk per liter – 2, 3
  • Yoghurt per liter – 3, 2
  • Cheese – 20, 2

Restaurant and Café Price

Reykajvik rounds up as photographic scenery as well as the travellers’ paradise sprinkled with an array of restaurants, cafes, bistros and grills. Here are important tips to guide you through your budget.


The first meal of the day sets the pace for your day. While some hotels will include in breakfast in the accommodation pricing, if otherwise fast foods are your go-to. In case you are trying to eat healthy or not, on average, breakfast will cost you between 5.65USD to 13.18USD. A regular filter coffee goes for USD 3.57 to 6.13 and a clean cappuccino goes for USD 4.59 to 6.13.


At Reykajvik, what to eat for lunch comes with a broad range of options. Hot dogs are awesome, fairly cheap and in plenty. It would only cost you something between USD 6.59 to 15.07 to have lunch and be on your way sight-seeing. For soup and bread, you will part with USD 12.25 up to 29.61.


Dining in Iceland will cost handsomely especially if you want to indulge in the native Icelandic cuisines mainly because food products are costly. However, Thai and other international dishes will be less costly. A decent proper dinner will cost you USD 16.95 to 28.25. A three-course meal is far more expensive, ranging from USD 51.05 to USD 76.58. You will pay as much as USD 13.27 to USD 18.38 for a McDonalds or combo meal deals.


A vacation is not complete without the occasional drink. Iceland is a top travellers’ destination because of its sceneries and indulgences. It is however almost impossibly to find normal strength alcohol except for Vinbudin stores. You can maximize the free-duty limit on landing into the country since alcohol is an expensive commodity. A single bottle of Brennivin 404 roughly amounts to USD 4.10 and single vodka and lemon USD 7.91. For the lovers of wine, a bottle goes got USD 4.03 to USD 6.56. A cheap to middle range bottle would cost you between USD 15.24 to 30.48. Fancy is costly as it sounds; with a dessert wine fetching USD 19.29 to 62.63. Brandy, whisky and tequila in Iceland will have you paying up to USD 538.47. Costly or not a glass of whisky in Reykajvic while enjoying the breathtaking scenery is worth the million-dollar bill.

A great beer might be too much for your budget. An average bottle costs between USD 4.7 1 to 11.30. You could enjoy the native beers by cutting the costs. 500ml of beer might incur a whole lot ranging between 900 and 1500 ISK whereas 1 liter does not cost much.

If you like pizza and are travelling down to Iceland, don’t worry. Pizza is available in plenty roughly costing between USD 15.07 to 20.72.

To have a great time in Iceland, takes a good plan and a great budget!