Glanni is a beautiful waterfall located in western Iceland, near Bifröst University campus, in the heart of the Grábrókarhraun Lava Field.

Glanni Waterfall

Glanni Waterfall is fed from the waters of the Norururá River, known as one of the best salmon tunnels in Iceland and is a popular resort for locals. Many Icelanders chose to build their summerhouses along it.Compared to other famous waterfalls in Iceland, Glanni Waterfall is not very big compared to other famous falls in Iceland. However, its three levels of bright turquoise waters, hence its name, are no less inviting. The word Glanni means "bright" and the breaking rays of light on the water create the spectacular color of these rapids.

Two kilometers south of Bifröst a signpost shows the turn to the waterfall. A short walk will lead you to a wooden platform overlooking the waterfall. If you are already in the area, do not miss a visit to the nearby Grábrók Crater, a fantastic observation point of the entire area.