During the visit in Iceland you cannot miss Icelandic horses. They are everywhere, along the sides of the roads and in many farms scattered all over the island.

Horse Riding in Iceland

Icelandic horses

The story of the Icelandic horse begins when the Vikings first arrived in Iceland with their horses and since then, for more than a thousand years, no other horses were brought to Iceland. The Icelandic horse of nowadays is a direct descendant of those horses Vikings came with after an isolation of more than a thousand years on the island.

Icelandic horses are not particularly large, but strong and adapted to the climate and the terrain of Iceland. They are beautiful and colorful: it is a common sight to see a horse with different colors, for example, a white mane, brown body and black tail. Icelandic horses are very friendly, obedient and rarely cause problems to their riders.

The average height of the Icelandic horse is 135 cm and despite its size (some people mistakenly think they are Ponies), it will carry an adult rider, day after day without any problem and on every terrain: meadows, along the mountain slopes, through rivers and over rough fields of lava. As Iceland lies on the edge of the Arctic Circle and the weather conditions are tuff, the local residents were not likely to try to cultivate the soil of the island. Since the first settlers arrived, not much has changed. The land remained mostly uncultivated, savage. There are more than 200 volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, snowed tops of the mountains, green valleys and thundering waterfalls.

Unique riding experience

Horse riding is an integral part of traditional Icelandic life scenery. The Icelandic horse that used to be once a mode of transportation and a work tool animal, is used today mostly for enjoyment. Horse riding provides an opportunity to travel through wild areas otherwise inaccessible.

Compared to other horses, riding the Icelandic horse is soft and pleasant and gives a sense of levitation while sitting in the saddle. You can go horse riding in many farms all over Iceland. Do not miss the experience of riding the Icelandic horse - it is a real adventure.


One hour of horse riding in Skagafjordur - 60 euros per person.

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