Hveragerði is a beautiful and picturesque town of 2300 residents, located 45 kilometers east of Reykjavik on Route 1. Hveragerði is known as the town of greenhouses, and has the biggest concentration of greenhouses in Iceland due to the great geothermal activity that takes place there.


The greenhouses are operated by natural hot water that is piped from a geothermal spring. Many vegetables are grown here and marketed all over Iceland.

Geothermal Activity

Without a doubt, the town's most striking feature and main reason to visit here it because of the geothermal activity. When traveling through the town, smoke can be seen (which is actually steam) rising up from the residents' houses.

It is interesting to think how it feels to live with a small geyser under the house? Hveragerði is seismologically unstable and weak earthquakes occur frequently.

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In 2008, after a massive earthquake that was felt across the entire South of Iceland a new hot spring appeared in Hveragerði , and beside it bubbling mud craters, that give a rough idea what is really going on below the surface.

Local Geyser

When in Hveragerði , visitors are advised to cross it and reach the golf course located on the outskirts of town, there at Ölfusdalur Valley lays the local Grýla geyser. Try to locate the steam rising from the surface, but me careful not to get too close to the holes!

Trip to the Hot River in Riikadalor Valley

One of the most enchanting hiking tracks in southern Iceland starts off on the outskirts off Hveragerði . A 3 km walk in each direction leads to a beautiful hot springs valley where you can bathe in a river with hot flowing water at an ideal temperature for bathing.

Map of Hveragerði