In April days are back to almost normal with daylight ranging from an average of between 6 AM to 9 PM. There is so much sunlight as compared to the previous months. In April, the snows starts to melt off and one gets to see the country becoming green again. Although it’s still cold and some roads are still inaccessible especially in the highlands, the country is now easily accessible. The weather is still unpredictable with possibility of snow storms at any day and time in April. The birds come out of their hibernation and start chirping and it’s just heaven! There is a possibility of seeing flowers to start blooming. The sunsets are magical in Iceland in April, and they are longer. Generally, April is just the best time to be in Iceland.

Places to go and what to do

Iceland is a very funny place to visit, because regardless of the month and the weather conditions, there is always something exciting for you to do or to visit. April being no exception, the following are some of the activities you should plan to do while in Iceland in April; Northern Lights Hunting. April is the last month one can get the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, this is because regardless of the daytime being longer and brighter, the nights are pretty much dark making it possible to see the lights. Northern Lights Tours run till the 15th of April. To get to experience the Northern Lights in April, you should plan to go out of the city due to the light pollution. You can also plan to visit the Glaciers while in Iceland in April. This is a great way to combine thrilling adventures and the pleasure of seeing Iceland’s natural landscapes with the ice still on them. One of the glaciers you should plan definitely to visit is the Soheimajokull, it’s an adventure you don’t want to miss on your way to the incredible glacier, you will go through the beautiful Reynisfraja black-sand beach. The glacier is the ideal place to kill two birds with one stone by hiking and ice climbing, as the glacier is filled with blue crevasses and it has rugged glacial mass. Whale watching is definitely an awesome plan for an activity while in Iceland in April. With most of the roads cleared, one can just drive themselves to Akureyri and sign up for the whale watching tour. Some of the common species you are likely to see during your tour are; the Humpback whales, Minke whales, Harbour Porpoises, Blue whales and killer whales the Orcas. One can also plan to visit and enrol in the following places and activities while it’s still winter in Iceland; visiting the famous Blue Lagoon, trip around the Golden Circle, snowmobiling, horse riding and snorkelling and diving. This and many more activities awaits you!

Festivals in April

In April, Iceland has an abundance of festivals and cultural fun-filled events that you really should be a part of. Some of the Events to look out for in April include; Easter in April is just a time for really fun activities with many traditional activities. During the Easter weekend, Aldrei For Eg Sudur (also called I Never Went South Festival) is held. It is one of the biggest musical festivals in Iceland that is always held in Isafjordur. The festival is free and open for everyone. Ak Extreme, a 4-day snowboarding and music festival held in Hlidarfjall is an event you should put on your itinerary. It attracts lots of visitors with international snowboarders coming to have friendly competitions. There is also the Eve Online Fanfest. This is a yearly big party for online games players. It’s really an awesome place to meet and have fun with fellow game players and game developers and indulge in a few games. The Children’s Culture Festival is also held in April. This aims at introducing the young generation to various arts. It is open to all children. Iceland Writers Retreat is also an event worth checking if you are a writer or you aspire to be one. It is a workshop for upcoming writers which always has in presence renowned writers and authors. These and many more events are held in April and it is an awesome way to spice your vacation in Iceland.

Travel tips

Check the weather in April

Check the daylight in April

Travelling to Iceland in April is a great time since it’s an off season period. This means most costs are greatly reduced from flights costs, car rental prices to accommodation prices. The towns are less crowded and as such the most popular attractions can be accessed easily and are less crowded. It being still very cold, one is advised to carry with him/her warm clothing, some sturdy boots that are waterproof, scarf and gloves for an easy movement around the country that still has snow in some places. Most of the roads are always still closed an inaccessible due to the snow s but the Ring Road is usually open. Make sure to rent 4WD vehicles for an easy drive-through around Iceland. You should plan in advance and book packages that fit your budget and aligns well with your itinerary. Packages such as 5 Day Self Drive Tour, 4 Days Summer Vacation and 7 Days Winter Self Drive Tour exists to ensure you get to experience Iceland to the fullest in the short period you are there.

So next time you don’t have plans in April, you should make a trip to Iceland as there is so much in store for you.