The best thing about February in Iceland among other things is how short it is, being short does not mean it will be terrible throughout. During this month the country is still in its full winter mode and there might be a few experiences of the harsh winter storms.

Iceland in February

There are some of us who have always wanted to experience the full and very Nordic winter, the reason why February is the best time to visit Iceland especially for that experience. Those ones experienced here has that exciting thing about the whole darkness, harsh weather and the atmosphere aspects that is totally different from what we usually are used to at home.

The city of Reykjavik in February holds very many events during this month considering it is just out of the Christmas mood, therefore attracting most tourists making the city even busier than January. However, if you want a quieter atmosphere then outside the city is the ideal place to linger as things happen in a much slower pace there.

What Makes Iceland in February Merrier

February is the one of the months of festivals and annual events one of such is the winter lights festival which is held at the city centre to celebrate the winter and the longer days ahead after a period of too much darkness. The Reykjavik Bar Summit festival is where bartenders and bars coming from all over the world converge at the city to engage in competitive activities. Another one is the Rainbow Festival, which is a rather small winter friendly festival that the Pink Icelanders organise where people from the local area and the tourists get to interact and share pleasantries. Lastly is the Stockfish Film festival one that is for non-profit and screens upcoming art house films globally offering sessions for Q&A with global filmmakers, it usually is small but very friendly and fun to attend and participate.


What to do and Where to Tour in February

Check the weather in February

Check the daylight in February

The northern lights tour is the ultimate goal for almost every tourist, if it isn’t then you should make it a top priority. February is as good as January to go for the hunt of the northern lights. Northern lights tours are available from Reykjavik and another one is the Golden Circle and Magical Nights tour that combines a lobster feast and the hunt for the lights with the many sights on the Golden Circle accompanied by a bonus dip in the Fontana Spa. Another kind of tour you will love to go on is the ice cave tour; since February is one of the coldest months, it is the ideal time to pay the caves a visit. Ice caving is a winter exclusive activity in the naturally formed tunnels just beneath Vatnajokull glacier, which is the largest icecap in the whole of Europe. February is a promising time to book one of the ice caving tours with the average level of precipitation being slightly lower.

Snorkelling in Iceland is not an everyday activity for common folks but rather a thrilling one for those who love taking risks and doing wild things. Almost anyone can go snorkelling because of the enhanced safety of the modern dry suit equipment. You can try it put on one of your visits to Iceland in February at the snorkelling location Silfra, which, is considered among the top ten dive sites around the globe and is open throughout the whole year. There are however conditions for snorkelling in this area that must be followed to ensure complete safety.

Whale watching is another exciting experience you can try out, it is usually conducted from Reykjavik all year round where you get to see over twenty species of cetacean, white beaked dolphins that you can interact with are the most common ones you will encounter. To ensure your tour is not cancelled, make an early arrangement to book and pack warm clothes to protect yourself against the chilling sea winds. Orcas, pilot whales and Minke whales are also among the whale species you are most likely to spot.

You can alternatively go sightseeing if you wish to witness the diversity of landscapes and the rich beautiful natural sites this island country has. Some of the most visited destinations are the golden circle, popular for its dramatic beauty and the unique charm, the south coast region that contains an enormous range of landscapes and landmarks like waterfall and glaciers plus the volcanoes and overwhelming sites like the nature reserves and the black sand beaches. Lastly is the lake Myvatn, a great destination that actually hosted the filming of scenes from the famous and popular series of Game of Thrones. The geological formations that jut from the frozen surface of the lake are a marvel to the eyes.

Iceland will always remain to be deep in the deep of winter in February and any other cold month. February in Iceland contains a very compelling charm with the lack of crowds and the continuous balance between day and night and the numerous winter activities. Your holiday and visit to Iceland will be a special one regardless of the time, but February is one of the most ideal months to do so.