July in Iceland offers a myriad of opportunities for anything you would wish to do in Iceland, from hiking to horse riding, from camping to whale watching in the Icelandic waters. Almost any activity that can be done in Iceland other times of the year can be done In July. As a matter of fact, the only thing you would likely miss when you decide to tour Iceland in July is the Northern Lights. Despite being in the sky almost throughout the year, the aurora borealis as they are otherwise known can only be seen during complete darkness. This never happens in July. July is summertime here in Iceland and thus characterized by long periods of sunlight and is one of the months when you are most likely to experience the Midnight Sun. Despite having occasional rain drops, July remains quite warm, with the temperatures at times hitting 20 degrees Celsius. Compared to other months, this is a relatively high temperature and this, combined with the extremely long days, make your options of activities you can take part in Iceland in July endless.

The long hours of sunlight and the quite warm temperatures make camping a priority and a must-do activity for most people who visit Iceland in July. The soil is free of ice and the ground not so cold and camp tents can be pitched almost anywhere in the Island. Camping ground are spread all over the country and they, at the end of the day, offer far much cheaper accommodation. Also most if not all of these camps are located at ideal places that would offer you a chance at one or more of the most important sites in the land. Camping gear can easily be hired, especially for those avoiding to carry bulky luggage for whatever reason.


If there is time that you would really want to go hiking in Iceland, this time would be in July. Some hiking trails can be accessed throughout the year, but the most spectacular of these are only available between July to September. These include the popular Laugavegur and the Fimmvordhals trails. During these hikes you are likely to see a number of craters, volcanoes, rivers and lava fields.

July is a month packed with a number of festivals taking place mostly on the eastern part of the country and outside the capital, Reykjavic. On the first weekend of July, the Raudasandur, a festival conducted in red sand beach takes place under the midnight sun. The Icelandic culture and nature is celebrated on this day. The Eistnaflug festival is held from the 11th to the 14th is in East Iceland. Lovers of rock and metal genres of music would not want to miss this event. Other festivals include the Chamber Music Festival, held in the western side of the country and the Kexport, a block party held right in Reykjavic. This one is very popular among both the locals and visitors not only for the fact that it takes place in Reykjavic but also because it covers a number of genres of music.

There are a lot of tours to join in July. Whale watching is so fun in summer. You are likely to see close to twenty species of sea mammals including humpback whales and the mighty blue whale. This is also a season for puffins and you can even see these beautiful sea birds while watching whales. They are more easily spotted in summer since during this period they feed closer to the shores. A visit to the glaciers of Iceland is more rewarding in summer owing to the fine weather. In July one can go hiking in practically any of the glaciers.

Just as the roads are more easily accessible during summer, the ground and atmosphere are also perfect for horse riding. The more reason for trying the horses here in Iceland is because of the friendliness of the horses and their stunning beauty.

Diving in the Icelandic waters is so awesome. Snorkeling and free diving are increasingly becoming popular activities with Icelanders and visitors of Iceland. The Icelandic waters come from glaciers and have spectacular visibilities. And the lava caves too. Some of them whose entrances are blocked by ice during winter can now be accessed since most of this snow has melted away.

Summer in Iceland is so colorful. The long durations of light, sometimes past midnight, and beautiful lengthy sun-sets yield a perfect mood for photography. Even for the lovers of flora and fauna, the sceneries couldn’t be more beautiful than in summer. Furthermore the long duration of daylight allow for longer schedules and therefore during this period one is able to tour more places in fewer days. Popular tourist trails such as the Golden Circle are easier and better in summer.