The days are longer; there are less rain and the longest hours of sunlight. The average temperature in June in Iceland is 9 degrees Celsius, and it’s the third warmest month of the year in Iceland. So during this period, you can wear lighter clothes as compared to the winter period. T-Shirts and shorts can be worn since the temperatures can shoot up to even 15 or 20 degrees Celsius. But you should also be ready for some cool sea breeze and chilly weather.

June has the longest days of the year. For a few weeks, the sun literally doesn’t set at all. This makes it convenient for those moving around since the light allows one to drive around 24/7. The sun is up even past midnight, and it’s bright when you wake up. This makes June the best month to experience nightlife in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. Among the activities you can undertake at this time of the year include chasing the midnight sun. One can also choose to go for a picnic at one of the parks within or out of the city and enjoy some good times with friends and family or just alone. Even the locals do this in summer.

This is the best time to explore the beautiful landscape of Iceland. There are so many mountains, and the mountains are green. Driving around is also easier in summer since the roads are safer without snow.

Check the weather in June

Check the daylight in June

Try visiting one of the many swimming pools in Reykjavik. The city has a crazy number of geothermally heated swimming pools, and they are also present in every single town in Iceland. You can also find and swim in one of the natural hot springs spread across the country.

The people of Iceland really love ice cream. This, alongside swimming, could be just the most Icelandic thing. You can enjoy some of the best homemade ice creams here in Iceland. One can join the Reykjavic Food Tour in order to enjoy most local foods and snacks. The food tour can also prove to be one of the best ways to get to know the city.

Go hiking in Iceland, and you could be just in the right direction for a lifetime experience. You could think that hiking is only possible in winter but that’s not the case, the glaciers are cool all year round. Plus the weather is great and generally conducive to outdoor activities like hiking. There are numerous beautiful hiking routes in Reykjavik and areas around the city. The hiking areas can easily be found. A beach is also a place one really needs to visit and take a dip in the ocean. Even though the temperatures can be still pretty low, the locals, especially, still want to make the best out of this short summer to swim at the beach. There is a man-made geothermal beach just inside of the capital, Reykjavik. The water here is naturally heated to a just comfortable temperature and is thus popular with both the locals and tourists. And if you are really into exploring the country, just drive in any direction. Iceland is a really beautiful place, and you’ll see the sceneries simply breath-taking.

You could hunt for natural hot springs in Iceland during summer. These are scattered throughout the country due to the incredible geothermal energy potential in the country. The most famous of these is the Blue Lagoon, while the location of some is only well known to a few individuals.

There are a number of Icelandic events and festivals that take place in June. The summer is a very favourable time for these events due to long warmer days, less rain, and generally finer weather. The events could be the perfect gateway to experiencing the Icelandic culture first hand. For instance, the Icelandic National Day is on the 17th of June. The Icelanders on this day celebrate their independence from Denmark and the formation of the Republic of Iceland. It’s always a very great and joyful day for the people of Iceland. Another event is the midnight Sun Run. People from across all ages meet at the centre of the city and run towards the midnight sun. The run for this year, 2017 was held on the 23rd of June.

There is also a music event called the Secret Solstice Music Festival, which was held for the 4th time this summer. The real beauty of this event is the fact that it happens under the midnight sun. It usually has performances from great artists across the world and appearances by celebrities.

The summer season is also the season for whales and puffins, and June just happens to be the peak of this. This is when you have the best chance of spotting whales and puffins. Iceland boasts the highest population of puffins in the world. These beautiful birds can easily be spotted in the skies of Iceland during summer. During this time of the year, you can be able to see more than 20 different species of whales, including the Blue whale.