May brings with it some youthful excitement. It is a month that is most preferred by tourists to visit Iceland. This is because most of the flights to Iceland, accommodation and the car rental services are significantly economical during the month of May. The country and the tourist’s attractions are generally less crowded during this month. The weather is also having significant changes with very minimum snow and so much sunshine. The flowers have begun blossoming, and most the animals that had gone into hibernation have returned to their normal habitat. The sunsets in May are so magical and to die for! The daylights are long which means more time for road trips outside of the city. Though the country isn’t as bright as it is in summer, it’s much better as compared to the dullness and darkness experienced in the winter season.

Things to do and places to go

Check the weather in May

Check the daylight in May

Although it is not summer yet, May in Iceland has so many outdoor activities that one can do that one would wish their vacations were extended! Some of these activities include; swimming in hot springs and swimming pools. Iceland is filled with many geothermal heated hot springs which are a popular tourist attraction. With so much sunshine, less wind and a calm weather visiting these springs in May is a must-do. Most of these hot springs are well known and open to the public while others are still new and are mostly found in local’s private property and as such permission is required to access them. There are so many man-made swimming pools in the capital city that with awesome pools you should plan to visit.

Diving and snorkelling is also something you should put on your itinerary if you are planning to visit Iceland in May. Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site should be your to-go place as it is the home to top 10 diving and snorkelling sites in the world, the Silfra Fissure. Though to scuba dive in the Silfra one has to meet some minimum requirements. This is to ensure your safety while diving and to protect the diving guides. One can also engage in hiking trails. Regardless of the unpredictable weather, one can enjoy hiking in Iceland in May. Other than it being a good exercise option, it is a good way of having an ultimate experience of the Iceland countryside as it gives you to have a closer look at the meadows, valleys, streams and the plantation in Iceland. The most accessible hiking trails from the capital city are the neighboring Mt. Esja.

Fishing should also be part of your itinerary in Iceland in May. In May, most fish come from their hibernation and starts to prospering and procreating; this makes it fun to fish as one is capable of lots of different fish while at the same time enjoying themselves. It’s important to note that fishing in Iceland is a private and as such one should only fish on most rivers with the permission of the landowner or book a guided fishing tour to avoid all those logistics. Other than these activities, one can also opt to go for horse riding, lava caving tours, hiking in the glaciers, whale watching, and bird watching. With all these activities in May, you won’t lack what to do while in Iceland in May.

Festivals to check out

With festivals all-round the year, May is no exception. Some of the amazing festivals you should really look out for and plan to be a part of include; the saga Fest a new music and arts festival that has captured the heart of many is something you should plan for. Its main aim is to connect people to each other and to nature. One should also look out for the Ascension Day which is a public holiday. This a Christian holiday celebrated 40 days after Easter to commemorate the ascension of Christ. Iceland being a religious country, the holiday is celebrated all over the country. One can take this opportunity to visit Icelandic churches just to have a feel of it. RAFLOST festival is also held in May. It is a festival for Icelandic electronic arts from all fields. The festival attracts visitors from the local communities and all over the world. These and many more festivals and celebrations await you in Iceland.

With the weather being less cold and harsh one is advised to park a bit light clothes. Clothes that you can wear anywhere during spring as Icelanders categorize May to be late spring and early summer. One should also carry good hiking shoes as there many hiking excursions one can get involved with. Lastly, with Iceland growing in popularity every day, regardless of May being an off-peak season, one is still advised to make arrangements and bookings before time before being left out because of them being fully booked.

Come to Iceland in May and get to experience the country waking up from its winter stupor and see how magical the county is. Make memories, relax and enjoy Iceland when it is less crowded. These and so much awaits you in Iceland this May.