Iceland is a European, Nordic island country located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the lowest populated countries of Europe. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and is also the biggest city. What makes this country so popular is the fact that this country is geologically and volcanically active. This country is located on a hot spot of the world which has brought many natural hot springs in it. Lava fields, mountains, sands, glacier, rivers are the highlighted features of this country. To name a few, the highlighted volcanoes situated in Iceland are Hekla, Eldgjá, Herðubreið, and Eldfell. Gulf Stream is the reason why this country is so warmed up. Though it’s just outside the Arctic Circle, the area has a lot of hot springs and geysers.

Iceland has three basic elements of earth that are ice, fire, and water altogether. Hot water exists in this country naturally, but there are also numerous glaciers situated. It is the perfect place for a person looking for a place with all three ice, fire and water. This very fact makes it a very exciting place to visit.

Iceland is famous for its naturally occurring hot springs and geysers that are open for bathing for the locals as well as the tourists. Not all lagoons are open for bathing because the temperature of the water reaches up to 60 degrees which is extremely unsafe for the people visiting. But there are many hot springs that have just the perfect temperature which helps people relax, and there is no need to look for a hot tub. Let us have a detailed look at the Gorgeous lagoons situated in Iceland.

List of Gorgeous Lagoons situated in Iceland:

Bláalónið: Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the major attractions of Iceland. It is the most visited lagoon of the country as it is very special due to its visual looks, temperature, size and beautiful views. As Iceland is located in an area where there is volcanic activity, it does not come as a surprise that this beautiful lagoon is sunk into the black rubble of the lava. This lava rubble makes the water of this lagoon opaque, which makes it extremely attractive to all those visiting the beautiful country. At the edge of the water, there is a bar and various mud treatment spots which make this lagoon the perfect place to spend the day.

Although Blue Lagoon is known worldwide, it is not the only one. There are many other mesmerizing and sightseeing Lagoons in Iceland that make it an attraction for geologists all around the world.

Amazing Lagoons of Iceland that aren’t the Blue Lagoon:

GamlaLaugin: The Secret Lagoon

Another attractive destination of Iceland is the GamlaLaugin which is popularly known as the ‘Secret Lagoon.’ This is a small hot spring located in the locality of Flúðir. It is one of the oldest pools, right next to a hot spring. It is not visited by many tourists or locals and is often very isolated. It is situated in the snowy area of Iceland. The water is at the perfect temperature. It will feel a little hotter than normal but your body will adjust to it and will give you a very relaxing feel. A cherry on top is the tiny changing room which houses a fridge containing beer and wine, to give the visitors the perfect experience.

If the weather is normal, try visiting this lagoon at night. It will be at the perfect temperature, and you can enjoy to the fullest. The Secret Lagoon has a rich history. It was developed in 1891 and is also Iceland’s ‘First Known Lagoon.’ The lagoon offered swimming lessons, being the only one in that area. Today it offers all the modern day facilities like changing rooms, showers, decks, walkways and a lot more. There is a café alongside the lagoon where you can enjoy after a good swim.

Landmannalaugar: Land-man Pools

This place is a very famous hiking destination and the multicolored landscape makes it all the more visually attractive. Sandy mountains in different colors such as black, red, green, yellow and purple can be seen all around. This place is perfect because, after the long hike, it gives the hikers a chance to relax in the hot natural pool. This place is full of hikers throughout the summer season as not only does this place gives a fun hiking experience but it also lets all the hikers enjoy the natural hot bath pool experience. This natural hot pool can be accessed only in summers via a 4WD. There are other various ways to reach there such as a highland bus, super jeep or your own car.


Viti is a natural geothermal pool and is located in the Northern Iceland area in the locality of the Lake Myvatn. It is just like a hole dug in the middle of a mountainous area. This hole was a result of an explosion in 1875. It can only be accessed for a couple of weeks in the summer season, but once you step your foot in, it is like stepping into a whole new world. The blue water, surrounded by colorful landscape, makes this place extremely beautiful and worth visiting. There is another small lake located near Viti. The temperature here ranges from 20 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade, and the bottom here is muddy. There is a lot of Sulphur content in the water and the Sulphur steam can cause people to faint. But the magnificent terrain of the area and the eye capturing views make this place worth fainting for. Both of these contribute to the scenic views that will stay in the minds forever.

Grjótagjá: The Hot Spring Cave

The hot spring Cave is also located in the northern part of Iceland. The water here does not have a fixed temperature. There are great variations in the temperature. In 1970, the water here reached to 60 degrees centigrade making it too hot for people to swim or even visit the place. Since that time, it has been cooling. It can now be used as a hot spring pool but care must be taken as the water might still be too hot for you. The temperature varies with the earthquake activity and the time of the year. This location was also used in an episode of the very famous HBO series, Game of Thrones. According to locals, this hot spring pool’s temperature has dropped significantly since 2004 and is safer now.


Seljavallalaug is a pool that is not naturally made. Even though it looks very natural, Seljavallalaug is a man-made pool and is almost 25 meters long. The water contained in this pool is cent percent natural. This pool is situated in a narrow valley on the mountainside. There are small rooms for people to keep their belongings and clothes for safe keeping. Cleaned only once in the summer time, the water looks a bit dirty, but the breathtaking surroundings and the soothing environment makes this place a must visit. In the year 2009, a large-scale eruption in Eyjafjallajökull resulted in the pool getting covered completely by the ash.

Reykjadalur: The Steam Valley

The most easily accessible natural hot spring of Iceland is one of the highly visited areas. To reach the hot spring river, a 45 minutes hike is required, but the place is worth visiting. The place offers so serene views that a person going there might not want to come back, it is this beautiful. On the way to this river, during the hike, there is a waterfall and various hot springs.

Myvatn Nature Bath:

Up in the north, you will find this amazing hot spot that is super adventurous as well. The pool has a spa-like outlook and some amazing facilities like showers, exotic cafes, massage centers and sun patio. You can spend a great part of your travel day here in the natural hot waters. Bathing here is not free. There is a ticket that you need to buy before going for a swim in Myvatn.

Laugarvatn Fontana:

Laugarvatn is known for being a geothermal area and has a lot of cool things that would make you want to visit it right away. It has steam rooms, hot springs, a lake and even a beach. It is known for its healing natural steam baths. The atmosphere of Laugarvatn is unique and soothing. It is 50 minutes drive away from Reykjavik. It is part of Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction, Golden Circle. There are three hot springs alongside the Lake Laugarvatn.

These eight amazing lagoons in Iceland are worth visiting once in a lifetime. They give away a feeling of bathing in a natural hot tub surrounded by breathtaking views. This European country is majorly famous for its numerous hot springs, both natural and man-made. Visiting these areas will give you a chance of making memories that will last forever, and which you will want to play again and again until your next visit.

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