Kerlingarfjöll is a mountain range in central Iceland, located adjacent to Route 1477 m, near Kjölur Way, a western road and one of two main roads that cross the central mountainous terrain of Iceland.


The area, a natural jewel of Central Iceland, offers unique views of the volcanic activity, icebergs, bubbling pools, ice caves and multi-colored shades of land.

The mountains in this area derive from a volcanic origin and attested by numerous hot springs and bubbling pools found in the area. Indeed Kerlingarfjöll is part of a major volcanic area that covers ​​100 sq km. The earth's color in this area is red because of the volcanic rhyolite rock from which the mountains are composed. Minerals that come from the hot springs contribute to the yellow and green color of the ground.

Since 2000, Kerlingarfjöll offers an accommodation center offering lodging and food services to visitors in the area.

How to get there?

You can reach the area by 4X4 and in summer during good weather conditions, you can also reach the area by private car. It is worth noting that car rental companies do not insure private cars that travel along Route F35. The accommodation center is open from June 15th until the end of September and during winter the center opens by appointment only.

The area can also be reached via public transport. Sterna operates a bus line that runs on Kjölur Way during the summer in both directions - North-South and South-North) and stops in Kerlingarfjöll. For more information on prices and schedules please click here .

Map of Kerlingafjöll