Kjölur mountain road, marked on the map as F35 is one of two main ways that cross central Iceland from north south. Kjölur is the second longest and Sprengisandur is the longest, further east and more interesting of both.

Hveravellir Pool

The route begins in South Iceland near Haukadalur, not far from Gullfoss Waterfall (Golden Circle) and ends in the north near the town Blönduós. The road passes between two glaciers Langjökull and Hofsjökull.

Kjölur is mentioned in the ancient sagas and served as a major transportation route of the veteran residents of the north on their way south for the annual meeting of the Old Icelandic Parliament, which met up annually every spring in Þingvellir.

The road is not paved and the southern part to Hveravellir is a very bumpy road. From there, northbound, the road improves and travelling is easier. Driving along Kjölur does not involve crossing rivers, however 4x4 drive vehicles are recommended only (car rental companies prohibit driving regular vehicles along this route. The journey takes 5 hours.

Hveravellir Geothermal Site

At the northern end of Kjölur Way, near the source of the Blanda River, is Hveravellir hot springs and geysers. Kerlingarfjöll, one of the world's most beautiful geothermal areas, is not that far away from here. The steam chimneys that emerge from the center of the earth and the natural warm water pool are both popular places to visit for travelers in the region.

Hveravellir geothermal pool is unique, two water sources flow into the pool, one hot and the other cold, making bathing particularly pleasant. More than 20 people can comfortably bathe at the same time whilst watching the beautiful surrounding scenery of glaciers and lava fields.

Map Of Hveravellir