Kverkfjöll is the name of a mountain ridge in the northern part of the Vatnajökull glacier, 40 km south of Askja. The ridge is composed of several peaks created by one large central volcano. Mount Skarphédinstindur, which rises to a height of 1920 meters is part of the Kverkfjöll Ridge and is the third highest mountain in Iceland. Kverkfjöll is an ideal destination for those seeking to explore the mountainous terrain of central Iceland, visit to the glaciers and interesting hiking routes.


One of the most active geothermic areas in Iceland is the western part of Kverkfjöll. The entire area sits over an active magma pocket that created 3km long and 1km wide hot springs at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level.

Ice Cave

In one of the parts under the glacier, geothermal activity formed a long ice cave called Sigurdarskáli with a river of hot flowing water. A visit to the area is dangerous and in danger of collapsing. Gámur, one of Iceland's most powerful geysers is located in the northern part of the ridge.

How to get there?

From Route F910 change to Route F902 south of Kverkfjöll. Route F903 also connects to the F902 and F910 passing through Hvannalindir. The road to Kverkfjöll is very rough and suitable for high 4 X 4 vehicles only. The roads are dirt tracks and it is not recommended to drive unaccompanied.

There is no public transport to Kverkfjöll. You can combine a visit whilst taking a two or three trip with travel companies that offer trips to Askja and Lake Mývatn. On planning your visit, take into account the weather that changes frequently and is prone to sandstorms and fog that may come as a surprise and without warning.


Latitude: 64.65 ° N 64 ° 39'0 "N
Longitude: 16.72 ° W 16 ° 43'0 "W


Hvannalindir, located North of Kverkfjöll, is an oasis once used as a hiding place for a famous Icelandic criminal known by the name of Fjalla-Eyvindur.

Map of Kverkfjöll