Tjörnin in Icelandic means "lake" and the Tjörnin Lake that flows in downtown Reykjavik is definitely worth a visit when visiting the city. A relatively small lake compared to other lakes in Iceland, but one of the most famous due to its location.

Lake Tjörnin

Around the lake there are many interesting buildings, including Reykjavik municipality, Iceland's National Gallery and Fríkirkjan Church. Reykjavik's only park, Hljómskálagardurinn is also centrally located near Lake Tjörnin.

Hljómskálagardurinn Park which means "House of music in the Park", is a popular venue for concerts and outdoor performances.

Many birds live around the lake and many town residents come here to travel and spend time, especially young children who come with their parents to feed bread crumbs to the ducks.

However, in recent years, pollution and a new type of vegetation in the area hit the ecological balance around the lake. There are less birds than in previous years and the city authorities have been criticized for its inability to do anything to protect the birds that live around the lake and Reykjavik.

In winter, when the lake is frozen, the place becomes a huge ice skating rink where ice hockey games and horse shows take place.

In 2012 almost 20 horses and riders fell through the ice into the frozen water, but fortunately, no one was injured in the accident and all the horses were saved. In some part of the lake hot water is inserted to melt the ice for birds that stay in the area.

If you are planning to visit Reykjavik, it is recommended to include a visit to Lake Tjörnin in your itinerary as it is a beautiful place to visit in both summer and winter.

Map of Lake Tjörnin