One of the most beautiful regions in central Iceland is undoubtedly Landmannalaugar Mountain Reserve. The name means "The People's Pools", this is probably the most popular travel destination in central Iceland and is otherwise known as the jewel in the crown.

geothermal area


Landmannalaugar is located in south Central Island, not far from Hekla Volcano and between the impressive mountainous terrain that combines the most spectacular sights that Iceland has to offer. The area is fascinating and rich in contrasts, mountain ranges made from rhyolite, volcanic rock similar to granite, notched with stripes of black volcanic ash, colorful red, green, orange and yellow peaks, vast lava fields and jets of steam that emerge from cracks in the soil.

Landmannalaugar has numerous natural hot and cold pools, some of which are suitable for bathing in. Near the youth hostel, located near the visitor's center, there is a natural pool where hot and cold water mix together to create ideal bathing conditions. The pool complex offers shower facilities.

Landmannalaugar is one of the starting points of the renowned Þórsmörk- Landmannalaugar hike, usually a 4-day long hike that ends at Þórsmörk Reserve. It is possible to go southbound from there to Skogar on a road that runs along the edge of glaciers and impressive mountains.

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Fjallabak and "Eldgjá" - Valley of Fire

The road that connects Landmannalaugar Reserve to Route 1 from the south is called Fjallabak and is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Iceland. One of the most interesting places to visit in this part of the country is Eldgjá – the "Valley of Fire". Here nature has created a unique split the mountains, leaving a huge crevice 30 km in length, which in some places reaches up to 600 meters wide and 200 meters in depth.

The volcanic fissure is considered the largest of its kind in the world. Further in the valley is a hiking trail that leads to Ófærufoss Waterfall, considered one of the most spectacular in the country, the waterfall was once framed by a natural stone bridge that collapsed a few years ago.

How to get there?

Landmannalaugar is very popular among travelers visiting in the summer months from June to September. The access road closes at the end of September. There are three ways to reach Landmannalaugar, the easiest being the F208 north road, because of the power plant there are no rivers to cross, however the road is a bit rough.

The second route is the F225 west road, near Hekla volcano, this road is a little more difficult and the third road F208 leads from the south between Vik and Kirkiobaiirklaostr. It is important to check out the weather forecast in advance as the water level in rivers can vary from day to day.

Landmannalaugar Reserve Bus Trip

For those who do not travel by 4X4 vehicles, buses specially adapted for mountainous terrains can be taken in order to reach Landmannalaugar Reserve.

Weather in the area

The mountain roads leading to Landmannalaugar Reserve open towards the end of June until mid-September and temperatures during the summer season of July to September reach between 5 to 14 degrees.

Map of Landmannalaugar