Langjökull Glacier or the 'Long Glacier', as it is sometimes known, is located in the western part of Iceland's mountainous terrain, approximately 18 km from the resort town Husafell, and is Iceland's second largest glacier. On clear days with good visibility conditions, you can see the glacier clearly from ​​the Geyser Valley in the Golden Circle.


The length of the glacier is approximately 50 km, it covers an area of ​​950 km2 and reaches a depth of up to 580 meters in its deepest parts. The glacier covers several active volcanic summits whose peaks majestically rise above the ice cap. The highest point is Baldjökull, which reaches 1450 meters and is located at the northern tip of the glacier.

Langjökull Glacier is one of the most popularly visited glaciers in Iceland and can be accessed via Kylor Road that crosses Iceland from the north road and from the mountain road Kaldidalur, which leaves Thingtöller Park towards Husafell.

Smaller glaciers can be found in close proximity to Langjökull Glacier, such as Eiríksjökull, which is the highest mountain in western Iceland, and two smaller glaciers Þórisjökull and Hrútfellsjökull on the eastern side of Langjökull.

Excursions along the glacier are offered starting from the glacier base. A trip "Into the Glacier" where you enter a tunnel carved in ice, leaves from Husafell and snowmobile trips depart from the direction of the Gullfoss Waterfall.