The westerly point in Europe

Látrabjarg Cliff in the western fjords is the westerly point in Europe. The cliff's length is 14 km and its highest point is 440 meters, Europe could not ask for a more impressive way to mark the edge of the continent.


Walk along the huge cliff and see the thousands of birds nesting there. Huge colonies of puffin, shearwaters, seagulls and many other species nest in the area. For a few months each year the cliff is the seat of tens of thousands of birds in the North Atlantic, as it is one of the richest areas of the Atlantic Ocean, abundant with fish. It is quite common for travelers to see whales rise up from the sea to breathe air and their jets can be seen from afar. When standing on the edge of the cliff, if you look to the south, on a clear day you can see the impressive peak of the Snæfellsjökull volcano all the way to the tip of the tip of the tongue of land, Snæfell.

Látrabjarg is the largest and accessible of three cliffs, Hornbjarg and Hælavíkurbjarg are the other two, in Iceland and the road leads to the edge of the cliff. In the summer many tourists and bird watchers come to the area where the main attraction is undoubtedly, the puffins, it is doubtful if there is another place in Iceland where you can see them from so close. Those who try to crawl quietly towards the puffin might even be able to ouch them. Unlike other colonies of puffin, such as in the Westman Islands, puffin here are not hunted for food and therefore have no reason to fear.

How to get there?

Route 612, a dirt road leads from Patreksfjörður to Látrabjarg. The road itself has almost no signs of civilization except the small settlement and the Historical Museum Örlygshöfn. In recent years with the increase in the number of tourists visiting the area, there has been development in the region and there is a nice guesthouse that hosts groups and individuals Breiðavík on the road to Látrabjarg.

Currently the Icelandic authorities are considering a proposal to make Látrabjarg Cliff a national park.


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Map of Látrabjarg