Lake Laugarvatn is located in Southern Iceland, just less than 100km from the capital, Reykjavik. It is a very small lake in size, covering just about 2.1km2. The town closest to the lake is also called Laugarvatn, a desired tourist stop. It’s a small town, too, with a population of just about 200 people. The largest part of the town is located to the west of the lake and hosts the Sport and Physical Education department of the Iceland University of Education. It is located just within the golden Circle and is a popular spot for most tours that traverse the Golden circle. Laugarvatn is located to a number of Iceland’s major tourist attractions including Geysir and Gulfoss along the Golden Circle. The cities close to Laugarvatn include Selfoss and Hella. Laugarvatn is located close to the Thingvellir National Park.

Though small in size, Lake Laugarvatn is a hub of aquatic life and even fishing can be done there. Char, a popular fish species in Iceland can be fished in this lake. Oats at fishing gear can be hired right at the shores of the lake. The lake is especially popular with those fascinated with swimming. This could be attributed to the natural hot springs located beneath the lake’s surface that heat the water resultantly leaving most parts of the lake warm throughout the year. Swimming activities are thus possible for the most part of the year. Apart from natural attractions and its scenic beauty, the area around here has a very pleasant environment, maybe due to the many trees and a forest.

The Fontana spa is located at the shores of the lake at the geothermal hot springs. The spa consists of three steam room, a geothermal swimming pool and a sauna. It also has a hot tub from whose location you can get a spectacular view of the area around Laugarvatn. The geothermal springs are the key natural attraction to this area and taking a hot bath or a swim at hot springs is a must to for many tourists. Taking a dip in the heated waters of the lake gives you a healing feeling. Most steam rooms in the Fontana over an admirable view of the lake. The geothermal activities are in fact the main cause for settlement in the area. It is alleged that when Christianity came to Iceland, converts did not want to e baptized in the cold waters of Lake Thingvellir and opted to travel kilometers away to be baptized in Laugarvatn.

Laugarvatn has a gallery, the Gallery Laugarvatn, where a wide array of Icelandic handicraft and artifacts are displayed. The Gallery Laugarvatn also offers accommodation services. This is just one of the many places you can choose to reside in Laugarvatn, where not only cottages and hotels act as residential places for tourists. There is even a boarding winter school that serves as a hotel in winter!