Perlan mean "Pearl" and Icelanders pronounce the word with a D, 'Perdlan'. Perlan is one of the most famous buildings in Reykjavik, Iceland. The building is located on Öskjuhlíð Hill. The building is located over six huge storage tanks of hot water, which contain approximately 4 million liters of water and serve as important focal points of Reykjavik's water supply. Perlan, designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson , officially opened in June 1991.


The ground floor has 10,000 square feet of exhibition space called "Winter Garden" - (Vetrargarðurinn), which is used primarily for markets, exhibitions and concerts. The design won the Golden Ear Award in 1993. An artificial geyser, built in the center of the floor structure, rises up to the top floor.

On the fourth floor there is a cafeteria, ice cream parlor, a souvenir shop and panoramic views of the city that can been seen by telescopes and accompanied by explanations.

The fifth floor has a revolving restaurant and cocktail bar that revolves 360 degrees every two hours and offers visitors great views of Reykjavik, whilst they dine. The restaurant is renowned for its New Year's parties that include fine gourmet food and a spectacular fireworks display that begins at midnight. Perlan has won recognition as one of the five best revolving restaurants in the world.

Opening Hours

The building opens at 10:00, the cafeteria opens between 10:00-21: 00 and the restaurant from18: 30

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