Rauðisandur is one of the most magical and peaceful places to visit on the western fjords. A beach with over 10 kilometers of red sand in the southern part of the western fjords to where they end at Látrabjarg Cliff.


This is a unique area with a diverse landscape compared to the rest of Iceland, where visitors can enjoy a stunning variety of sand that changes according to the time of day and the weather. A natural jewel with a series of coves and sandy hues of yellow, white, red and black.

One of the most prominent features of the red sands region is the absolute tranquility. There is a café with a spectacular picturesque view from the outside porch. Whilst visiting it is recommended to get out of your car and walk barefoot on the sand and see the magnificent Snæfellsjökull volcano that stand majestically across Breidafjordur Bay with its gleaming white and powerful dome.

Map of Rauðisandur