Skogafoss is the main attraction of Skogar village of southern Iceland. Located just along the southern part of the ring Road, Skogar is made up of two settlements Ytri-Skogar to the West and Eysri-Skogar to the East. Of the two, Ytri-Skogar is the main one and is the one usually referred to as the Skogar. It comprises of an old farm and a church building. Skogar is a very popular summer destination with lots of beautiful sceneries and lying just a few kilometers from the Southern shores of Iceland, Skogafoss is the greatest and most beautiful attraction of them all. On sunny days, the spray of water produced forms a rainbow, and other times double rainbows, probably the most beautiful ones you will ever see. The splashes will drench you if you try to get closer to the falls, but they give rise to something of incomparable beauty.


Skogafoss lies on River Skogar, and just a few kilometers from the shores Southern Iceland. It’s also so close from the Ring Road that it can be seen from the road. But could this be as well due to its size? Dropping from a height of 60 meters with a 15-meter width Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. Many people who visit Skogar, and especially during summer, do so for this spectacular site. There is an observation platform which will allow you to view the falls from above. But this would be for the bold but you should want to climb the more than 500 steps if you really can imagine how beautiful Skogafoss is from above.

There is a legend around Skogafoss that goes about a settler, the first Viking settler, who is believed to have buried chest of gold beneath the waterfalls. The chest, it is alleged, was full of gold and treasure. It goes further to say that it was discovered years later by the locals. Some of them tried to retrieve the chest from beneath the waterfall but only remained with a ring that they managed to hook out from the side of the chest, which was, as the legend continues, given to the local church. The ring apparently got jerked out of the chest as they tried to pull out the chest. The ring is currently displayed in the Skogar Museum, with is situates at the exact same location that the church was until it was deconsecrated and replaced with the museum.

Located just about 154km from Reykjavik on the Ring Road, a tour to Skogafoss would be a perfect day’s plan. Several guided tour from Reykjavik are available. You first see Skogafoss from the road, quite far yet so majestic. A number films have been shot at the location of the waterfall among them being the popular film Marvel Studios, Thor; The Dark world. The waterfall also features in several music videos, all owing to its beauty and a rich cultural orientation.