As part of a national program to reduce municipal expenses, many local councils in Iceland merged several communities, as was done in the city Keflavik who incorporated with a number of communities under the name Riikansbaiir.



A nice fishing town and the main town in Snæfellsbær. A small museum by the name of Pakkhúsíð, can be found in a black building in the center of town with a souvenir shop and an information center for visitors. The black structure was built in the 18th century and contains an exhibition of artifacts and explanations of daily Icelandic life during the same period. The Maritime Museum is within walking distance and further information is available at the information center.


A small fishing town and port. There is a great coffee shop called "Gamla Rif" that serves excellent fish soup and homemade cakes, look for the sign at the town's entrance. Do not forget to sign the visitors book!


Hellissandur is located three miles west of Rif. In the past there was a port here but a few years ago a port was built in Rif and all operations moved there. .

Cafe-Restaurant: Kaffi Sif

Hellnar and Arnarstapi

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Map of Snæfellsbær