Stykkishólmur, otherwise known as Stykki, is a beautiful fishing town in the northeastern part of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The town is home to some 1,240 residents and is the trade and services center of the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

Gate to the Western Fjords

Most residents living in Stykkishólmur make their living from fishing and tourism and the port operates a ferry service that crosses Breiðafjörður Bay to the Western Fjords with a stop at the small island, Flatey.


Stykkishólmur is also the main port from which you can sail to many islands in Gulf Breiðafjörður, which is renowned for its beauty and variety of wildlife.

The town was founded in 1550 when the first settlers took advantage of the convenient location of the port. Today, the largest employer of Stykkishólmur, after the fishing industry, is a hospital run by nuns.

The town is named after the small island located in front of the harbor, the island's name Stykkið means "piece". Today, visitors wishing to explore the small island can reach it by car as it is artificially connected to the mainland in order to create better protection for ships.

What to See?

Helgafell Hill, near the town is the burial place of Gudrun Ósvífur, a famous hero of Icelandic history.

The Church of Stykkishólmur is an interesting building with a modern architectural design. The building stands out against the background of the town and can be seen from almost every corner. The view from the church of the bay and mountains is truly spectacular.

The City Library is a beautiful little museum devoted to water and maritime. The library building is located on a small hill in front of the port and its unique shape is the work of American artist Roni Horn.

Eldfjallasafn Volcano Museum opened in 2009 in Stykkishólmur that displays old and new art showing volcanic eruptions around the world as well as Viking artifacts.

Stykkishólmur has the best swimming pool in all of Snaefellsnes. The complex has two pools, one indoor and particularly suitable for small children and the other is an open air half Olympic size pool. There is also a waterslide and three Jacuzzis. This is a recommended place to visit!

Seatours offers a variety of boat trips that set sail from Stykkishólmur and to the small island Flatey, located in the center of the Gulf of Breiðafjörður.

Flatey Island

Flatey means "flat island". The houses, shops and church reflect the optimistic development of the early 19th century. In previous years, the island was an important fishing center in the Gulf and a place where many boats were moored. The first temporary trading license in Iceland was obtained in 1589 and in 1777 Flatey received city status.

The island's library exhibits a copy of the saga "The Book of Flatey." One of the most important manuscripts of Icelandic history.

Map of Stykkishólmur