Súðavík is a small fishing village on the shores of the Gulf of Álftarfjörður in the western with just 240 residents. Súðavík is located 20 km east of Ísafjörður.

Street in Súðavík

Since 1995, after a deadly avalanche that killed 14 residents of the town and damaged many buildings, Súðavík was divided into two parts. The "Old town" was abandoned since the avalanche and the "New Town" that was re-established and is located a few minutes' drive east of the old town. During the winter and summer holidays, tourists and local artisans use the old town houses as holiday apartments, who find them a pastoral, tranquil and inspiring place. An amusement park with complimentary BBQ facilities was built in the old town..

Súðavík is surrounded with many hiking trails and climbing routes on the nearby hills. Fishing trips and cruises along the fjord leave from the port.

Súðavík has a museum dedicated to polar fox where you can learn about this wonderful animal and see it up close. The museum also has a nice coffee shop.

Map of Súðavík