This unique and ambitious tour for the first time in the world is presented these days through the glacier Langjökull in central highlands of Iceland. Glacier Langjökull or "the long iceberg" is the second largest glacier in Iceland and its area is 950 square kilometers. The deepest point of the glacier reaches a depth of 580 meters.

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The local farmers from Húsafell decided to fulfill an old dream and dig a tunnel into the glacier. The equipment and bulldozers were moved to the top of the glacier and the digging of the tunnels began deep inside the glacier, twenty meters below the surface. Special 8X8 truck weighing 20 T which initial zoning is bearing missiles will get you to the top of the iceberg.

In Iceland, these trucks were authorized to transport passengers and with all their weight, they are strong enough to get on the glacier. In fact, there are very few obstacles capable of withstanding these trucks. Those who decided to convert the assignment of these trucks apparently followed the well- known rule: When traveling at the mountain of Iceland - the bigger, the better!

The project was named "Into the Glacier" and the tours began operating in the summer of 2015. The tour in the tunnels will be guided; in some of the tunnels, rooms were equipped with ice cubes used for chairs. Within the walls of the tunnels were inserted LED lamps that do not distribute heat and illuminate the blue hue of the ice. Visitors to the glacier can watch the display of lights that are being lit with the pace of progress, among other things, to save energy. One of the blessed surprises discovered during the excavation is the crack of the glacier (Crevasse) that exposes to the visitors how the crack looks like from underneath.

The project has been determined as "green" – is not supposed to damage the glacier and when it will be abandoned (if it will happen) the glacier should restore itself naturally after a while. The scientists from the University of Iceland take samples from the glacier to learn better about its situation.

Price for the tour of 2-3 hours - 19,900 Icelandic krona including transportation from Húsafell - ​​50% discount for children between 12-15, children under 12 free.

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