Vatnsnes is a small peninsula just a four hour drive from Reykjavik and one hour from Akureyri. Vatnsnes peninsula is famous for its large colonies of seals, birds and beautiful landscapes.


Tourists visit to watch the seals that live mainly in two colonies, one Ósar and the other Hindisvík. The seals are protected animals and in order to see them closely, local authorities have constructed observation huts on the eastern side of the peninsula, where you can watch the seals without having to disturb them. The seals are located on the opposite bank and difficult to see, it is recommended to bring binoculars.

How To Get There?

To tour the Vatnsnes peninsula get off at road 711 from the ring road near Ósar Guesthouse. The famous Hvitserkur Rock is located on the northern road. It reaches a height of 15 m and is shaped somewhat reminiscent of a troll. According to local legend, this was once indeed a troll caught by the sun's rays during his mission to attack a nearby monastery. However, geologists say that Hvitserkur is actually the last remnant of a volcano that has eroded over the years by ocean currents and rain.

Another famous monument to be seen on the peninsula is Borgarvirki. It is a "Volcanic Plug", at an altitude of 177 meters, it dominates its surroundings and looks like a fortress made of basalt rock. Throughout history, the place served as a natural fortress and several changes were made in order to protect humans. Today there is a viewpoint at the hilltop that boasts impressive views of the surrounding mountains.

Map of the Vatnsnes Peninsula