Vigur is the second largest island in the Gulf of Ísafjörður. There is something special about small islands and Vigur is one just like it. The island's overall length is 2 km and its width at the widest part is 400 m. The name "Vigur" in Icelandic means "arrow" because the shape of the island resembles a spear.


A single family whose generations have lived there for more than a century inhabits the island. The island is private inheritance and the family lives there throughout the year. On the island there is fresh water spring and the family's main source of income is the collection and sale of duck dung from ducks that they encourages to nest on the island, by creating artificial niches along the coast. One kilogram of duck dung is worth more than a thousand euros! After ducks finish nesting, their nests are also collected, cleaned and sold at a high price.

Bird's Paradise

Many birds nest on the island including a large colony of arctic seagulls. Travelers arm themselves with wooden sticks to protect themselves from the seagulls that do not hesitate to attack anyone approaching their nests. The fact that they nest on the ground without the protection of high cliffs, explains why they have developed this aggressive behavior. While wandering on the island you can see many holes dug by puffin. Due to a large amount of puffin that nest there, the islanders hunt thousands of them every year to prevent them digging to many holes that could cause loss of soil on this little island. Puffin mainly live at sea, they have no good flying skills and if the wind stops, they often spend their time in the waves.

A few sheep that graze on the island in order not to damage the bird nests of birds, and during the summer when the birds start to arrive most of the sheep are transferred by ferry to the mainland.

The island is home to the only windmill in Iceland. The windmill, although renovated, does not operate and there are plans to reopen it.

Europe's smallest post office can be found here on Vigur.

After a walking tour around the island, the island owners will host the travelers with local cakes, pastries and coffee.

Definitely recommended for a day trip!

How to get there?

During the summer months, a boat leaves daily to Vigur Island. The trip takes about 35 minutes and the visit itself 3-4 hours.

You can register for a trip to the island at the tourist information center located near Ísafjörður Port or here.

Map of Vigur Island