There is a variety of volunteer programs in Iceland. Several local Icelandic organizations and some from other countries too, offer the volunteer trips to Iceland. The volunteer programs are available for different durations from a week to several months. Volunteering in Iceland can be a wonderful experience for students or people who like to contribute to society, and this is a great way to visit Iceland relatively cheaply and meet people from all over the world.

Volunteering in Iceland

Iceland volunteer programs are mainly engaged in activities related to environmental conservation, planting trees, ecology and conservation of historical sites. Volunteer groups are also engaged in cleaning up the junk areas, participating in social activities with the protected groups of the society like elderly people, in accordance with the framework of the program. The rest of the time is devoted to trips and experiences in Iceland.

Volunteer trips in Iceland are usually accompanied by a preparatory seminar for the trip. Programs are designed for ages 18 and older. In most programs, the accommodation is in shared rooms for men and women, in sleeping bags that hikers should bring with them from home or on the floor on mattresses. Toilets and showers are also shared. The volunteers are also taking care of the food preparation themselves. Most volunteer trips in Iceland do not include the airline tickets price.

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