The town of Vopnafjörður is located 95 km north of Egilsstaðir and at the edge of a fjord with the same name. The town is home to 700 residents who earn their living from fishing, farming and tourism. Vopnafjörður fjord is known for its beautiful and unusual green color, uncommon for fjords of eastern Iceland. Vopnafjörður Valley is divided into three areas: Hofsdalur in the south, Vesturárdalur in the center and Selárdalur in the north. These rivers that flow to these fjords are considered the best for salmon fishing in the country.



Vikings first settled in the area now known as Vopnafjörður in the late 9th century AD. The name Vopnafjörður is that of one of the first settlers in the area, a man named Eyvindur Vopni and the meaning is "Fjord of Arms" (weapons). As elsewhere around Iceland, conflicts between farmers, local governors and heads of families lead to battles and murder in the 10th century. Those interested in Icelandic history can learn more from the sequence of events described in the sagas written in the 13th century, especially in the saga Vopnfirðinga.

There are very few written sources on Icelandic history, except for the Icelandic sagas. After Iceland lost its independence in 1264 to Norway, sailors who arrived in Vopnafjörður in the 17th century turned the region into one of the three major ports of East Iceland. The city became more modernized in the beginning of the 20th century when the first roads were paved.

Attractions in the Area

Vopnafjörður is an important fishing center and farming region. The Bustarfell museum in Vopnafjörður Valley exhibits one of the oldest preserved grass made homes in the country.

Despite its northern location relative to other places on the same latitude, weather in Vopnafjörður is considered the best in the east. The road above the cliffs that surrounds the region shows breathtaking panoramic views.

Near Mount Hellisheiði you will find one of Iceland's most beautiful roads. It is relatively narrow, steep and has hairpin bends but the nice weather will deliver a spectacular view from the top.

Map of Vopnafjörður