Whale-watching cruise is one of the attractions not to be missed when visiting Iceland. It's an experience you'll never forget and it will leave you deeply moved by the creatures these gentle and giant.

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Iceland as the global whales' center

In recent years, Iceland has become a very popular destination for whale-watching cruises. Several companies located in Reykjavik that are operating the tours, take care that the cruise will be comfortable and inviting for every tourist. Types of whales that can be usually viewed from the ships include mink, white fin whale, killer whale (orca), sperm whales, dolphins and rarely, mainly in the north, you can see the largest creatures that ever lived on Earth - the blue whale.

Cruise is also an excellent opportunity to watch a large number of seabirds that are concentrated near the whale feeding area. The whale-watching branch has grown a lot in the last 10 years and is expected to grow further. In 1991, only 100 people have ordered whale-watching cruise, in 2003 65,000 tourist were recorded.

Where there are whale-watching cruises?

The two main centers of whale watching in Iceland are the capital city Reykjavik and Húsavík in the north of the country. Húsavík was the first town in Iceland where the whale watching began and still it is considered a world known center in this field.

In addition, in Ólafsvík in the west and in the northern town of Dalvík there are whale-watching cruises too. Many options make it easy to integrate such a cruise during your visit in Iceland. Remember, even if you went on a cruise on especially hot Icelandic day, better take your coat and head cover.


  • Whale-watching cruise in Reykjavik - 10990 ISK per person.
    Duration of the cruise - 3-4 hours. 50% discount for children between the ages 7-15.
    Free for children up to age 6.
  • Whale-watching cruise in Húsavík - 10990 ISK per person.
    Duration of the cruise - 3-4 hours. 50% discount for children between the ages 7-15.
    Free for children up to age 6.

Something to think about

Many claims are heard against Iceland that allows whaling. Iceland issues hunting licenses of about 60-80 whales per year, mostly minke and fin whales.

Many environmental organizations call to boycott Iceland and to refrain from visiting it. We must not forget that Iceland is one of the greenest counties in the world. Hard to argue against Iceland that they ignore the environment and its protection. It's just a matter of culture that for a stranger is difficult to understand.

Many "enlightened" nations refer to kosher slaughter as a barbaric act, and in some way, they are right. However, some things are beyond evident.

Icelanders do not become attached to what they eat - does not matter whether it is a lamb or a whale. Their ancestors hunted and eaten whales and it seemed a natural thing.

You should probably be Icelander in order to eat whales while promoting them as a tourist attraction.