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Weather in Iceland

Despite the name "Iceland" and its associations, Iceland's weather is mild. Warm ocean currents, which come from the Atlantic Ocean including the Gulf Stream, are the reason why the sea around Iceland does not freeze and the weather is with high temperatures comparing to any other place in the world on the same latitude.

Iceland's winters are not particularly cold but accompanied by strong winds and in the summer the weather is cool and pleasant. Just for comparison, an average temperature in winter in New York is lower than in Iceland. However, the weather in Iceland is known to be unstable. An important rule to use in Iceland - no matter how hot it looks outside, it is always better to take a jacket and not just in case. Or as the Icelanders say: "Do not trust the sunlight reflected through the window."

Weather Forecast in the real time:

Temperature records

  • The highest temperature measured in Iceland was 30.5 ° C on the south coast of Iceland in the summer of 1939.
  • The lowest temperature measured in Iceland was - 36.4 ° C in the northern Iceland in 1918.
  • The highest measured temperature Reykjavik was 24.8 ° C in the summer of 2004 and the lowest -12.1 ° C in January 1918.
  • Iceland's climate is changing each season of the year and the length of day and night is changing too, which creates unique climate effects. Mid-winter period when the sun does not shine and the darkness dominates for most of the day, is an excellent time to watch the impressive phenomenon of the northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

    During the summer time between June and July, when the sun dominates in the sky and shines through days and nights, you can watch the midnight sun shines in the sparkling colors of red, blue, gold.

    Average temperatures in Iceland by months:

    Average temperatures

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