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  • Are the trips for independent travelers, without a guide?

    Yes they are! Our tours are self-drive and unaccompanied. We will provide you with a detailed route that includes directions to each point and to the hotels that have been booked for you.

  • Are the routes you offer on the website subject to change?

    Definitely! All routes can be changed and we will be happy to adapt the best route for you!

  • Can I add a one-night stay (or more) in Reykjavik?

    No problem! We can add as many nights as you want in Reykjavik (in the same hotel) with or without a car – as you prefer!

  • How is driving in Iceland?

    It is very easy to drive in Iceland! The roads are very well maintained, as are the signs and directions. The drivers in Iceland are very kind.

  • What exactly do your packages include?

    This Vacation Package Include

    Car pick up at the airport
    Do not waste time. Start exploring Iceland from the moment you arrive until your departure. Pick up and drop off car at the airport for maximum flexibility.
    Companion app on Tablet
    On car pick-up you will get an internet connected tablet with an award winning companion app. In the app you'll find your digital itinerary with built-in GPS road guide with thousands of points of interest!
    Accommodation in hotels, guest houses and farmhouses
    Best available accommodation all around Iceland for the whole trip.
    Daily breakfast bouffe.
    Car rental with unlimited mileage
    New cars only with low mileage from international leading brand.
    Two drivers insurance (CDW, theft protection)
    Need more drivers? no problem! You can add additional drivers from as low as 32 EUR per drive for the whole period.
    GPS built-in in the car
    Available in different languages.
    Digital trip plan with driving directions on a Tablet
    This is your tour guide from A to Z. In our detailed itinerary you'll find all the information you need to explore Iceland like the local, all on a Tablet! Tips and useful information included with daily maps and driving directions.
    Useful information booklet for trip preparation
    What clothes to bring? How to use your mobile phone? etc. All you need to know before arriving to Iceland.
    Digital Map of Iceland 1: 500,000 on a Tablet
    All officials roads and more in one map.
    Car drop-off at the airport at the same time as pick-up.
    Emergency telephone service 24/7
    Our experienced stuff is available for you during your travel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Is previous experience required in this type of trip?

    Definitely not! We have dealt with thousands of hikers and all of them found it easy to get about! We will prepare a detailed program for you that will take you (using the GPS device in your vehicle) from any location to any destination, without any problem.

  • Do I need 4WD experience?

    No! There is no need for special driving experience, even along F-ROADS (the 4WD roads in Iceland).

  • Do I have to book a 4WD vehicle on the trips you offer?

    Most routes do not need a 4WD vehicle and any other standard vehicle we offer is fine. 4WD is mandatory for routes that include mountainous terrain and F marked roads. During the winter months we do recommend you rent a 4WD vehicle.

  • Do I need an international license to drive in Iceland?

    If your license shows your details in English, you will not need another license. If the license you are carrying is not written in English, you should take out an international license from your home country.

  • Can you tour Iceland during winter?

    The Boston Globe included Iceland in its top ten recommended fall-winter list this year. The article mentions the popular belief about the "hidden people" (Huldufólk), living in harmony with nature, eruption of hot springs, volcanoes and waterfalls and other attractions. The most spectacular attraction during this season is the Northern Lights, which can be seen in Iceland at this time of year. Take into account that prices in winter are lower which makes it an attractive winter destination!

  • What are the hotel standards that can be included in the package?

    You can choose from three standards of hotels, from the most affordable Budget standard to Comfort and Quality standard - Click here For more detailed information

  • Do all hotels serve breakfast?

    Yes! Breakfast is served in all hotels.

  • What other activities can I book and when should I book them?

    Additional activities should be booked in advance to ensure your place. You can do this when booking your trip or directly with the suppliers at a later date (either way you will receive all necessary help from us). In both cases, the price will be the same. Click here for further details

  • When should I book my trip?

    It is recommended to book your trip immediately after you have purchased your flight tickets. In any case, it is recommended to book your trip to Iceland as early as possible! The demand for hotels in recent years in Iceland is enormous. By booking the trip as soon as possible, you will guarantee the best hotels.

  • So how do I book?

    It is very simple! Choose the route that suits you best, the standard of hotels and the vehicle you prefer and wish to include in the package, and schedule your trip online. You will be charged a down payment of 20% of the package price. 4 weeks before your arrival and after all the hotels have been booked, we will send you a secure link to complete the rest of the payment.

  • When will I receive all the documents for the trip?

    From the moment you book the trip and pay the 20% down payment, it will take us between two and three weeks to finish booking the hotels and preparing all the required documents. On last-minute bookings, we will of course make sure to reduce this time to a minimum.

  • What about cancellations?

    Please find here detailed terms of cancellation